Experiment: Getting Ready to Break Your Sugar Addiction

Experiment: Getting Ready to Break Your Sugar Addiction

Experiment: Getting Ready to Break Your Sugar Addiction

We believe that sugar in all its various forms is at the root of all junk food cravings. All types of junk food contain some form of sugar, including corn syrup, high fructose syrup, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose, and glucose. Most people overlook when they say they want to cut sugar from their diet. hidden sugar; So the addiction to sugar remains.

I will strategically cut all manufactured forms of sugar completely from my diet every day for 7 days. This experiment will prove or disprove my belief that Trippy sugar delta-8 for sale is the root of all junk food addictions. I will also document the physical, mental, and emotional changes that may occur as a result of completely eliminating sugar from your diet. Since many staple foods in my daily diet contain sugar, this requires a lot of planning and research.


So far my search for sugar free milk has turned up zilch. Even lactose-free milk still contains sugar! I can take the advice of people who are against milk and completely phase it out of my diet during this experiment. I’ll have to find a nutritious alternative to milk (protein, calcium, vitamins A and D).


There are many to choose from. Unfortunately there are plenty of options, but the price is too high for my budget.


Most cheeses are generally sugar-free because sugar is fermented in the cheese. There are other forms of sugar-free dairy, but sugar-free dairy will almost certainly contain some form of artificial sweetener. It is important to read the label. I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, so I may need to do more research on what types of dairy are allowed during this experiment.

Is sugar in everything?

Looking at my cupboard, my favorite instant oatmeal seems to have sugar in it. 12 grams to be exact! I get chills thinking of the naive people who add a little more sugar to make it sweeter! In fact, almost everything in my cupboard has sugar!

The culprit: processed food

Canned, bottled, bagged, boxed, and plastic tubes are processed and contain huge amounts of sugar. There is nothing sacred anymore! One cup of our kid’s breakfast cereal has 17 grams of sugar! one cup! Pour a little milk over that cereal and the poor kid ate about 30g of sugar per meal! It assumes the portion size is correct! Most people double or triple their sugar consumption without realizing that they also double or triple their sugar consumption.

Experiment preparation

It may take a week or two to completely remove all items containing non-natural sugar and replace them with sugar-free substitutes. Most of the time is spent “over the counter” at the grocery store to get an idea of ​​a product that can be used along with an estimated cost.


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