Cult product Topicals Faded Serum was recently reformulated and see how it compares

Topicals Faded reformulated and what are the alternatives

Topicals Faded serum was recently reformulated and we’ve got skinny on how it compares to the original and if the reformulation changes, to any degree, its similarity review on our comparison platform SKINSKOOL. Read on to find out just what has changed.

When a brand reformulates an already winning formula, it can strike fear in the hearts of those who already love the product. There’s always the concern – is it going to perform the same, am I going to like it just as much? Often times, however, brands reformulate with the intention of making the product “better”. “Better” is of course subjective and what is better for some may not be as good for others. Take feedback that brands get on their formulations. There are families of ingredients that are falling out of favour with certain groups of consumers and brands are quicker now to respond to that feedback as the competition in the market is at an all time high. But just because one group has a problem with a certain ingredient, doesn’t mean another customer will and in fact, those ingredients may work well on them. So the best strategy if I were a brand would be to reformulate as minimally as possible so as to address feedback but yet also preserve the product in substance for its fans.

What did Topicals change?


It seems likely that Topicals got some negative feedback on the inclusion of the ingredients coconut oil and palm butter. Coconut oil, due to its high comedogenic rating, can cause issues for blemish prone or sensitive skin. Palm butter has been highlighted as an ingredient with environmental impact and sustainability concerns. So we can understand the desire to remove these 2 ingredients from the Faded serum to futureproof the brand’s positioning.

The brand has also indicated that an additional ingredient was added, Ethylene Brassylate, as a scent stabilizer and scent masker. The goal was likely to make the new reformulated version smell better. As we know sometimes when things are not “fragranced”, the natural odour of many of the ingredients is less than lovely.

What’s the Top Dupe for Topicals Faded?

The similarity review conducted by SKINSKOOL has not changed much in light of the reformulation. This is due to the fact that the claims ingredients are indeed the same. So our “Top Choice” alternative or the top Topicals Faded serum alternative in our humble opinion is still the Touch Skincare Bright & Clear Cream.

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